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The Funding Department provides access to over 600 Million in direct capital. Funds are sourced exclusively for TFD by way of

3 strategic funds that are licensed to lend across Canada.​ NO CO-BROKER REQUIRED.


You are the Broker, we are the Lender.

100% of the Gross Broker Fee will go to you.

TFD now offers Direct Access to Private Capital for Licensed Mortgage Brokers in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Lender Fee's apply to all Deals and TFD does not take any split from the Broker's Fee. We act as the Lender, you act as the Broker.  General Pricing and Guidelines are below however please be aware a potential deal is always worth a discussion even if it does not meet the below criteria.

1st Mortgages


LTV | Rate

< 50%




6.99 - 7.25%

6.99 - 7.99%

7.25 - 8.50%

8.50 - 11.00%

Fee Range 1-2%

Pricing for rural varies case by case

2nd Mortgages


LTV | Rate

< 50%





7.99 - 8.50%

8.50 - 9.00%

9.00 - 9.75%

9.75 - 10.50%

10.50 - 12.00%

Fee Range 1.5-2.5%

Pricing for rural varies case by case


Which may lead to an increase in rate/fee:

- Substantial property tax, strata or mortgage arrears

- Under $200,000 property value

- Below average/poor property condition etc.

- High rate 1st mtg or large 1st mtg (above $700,000)

- Partial Interest in BC (99%)

- Rental or Vacant Property (case by case)

- 3rd mortgage behind 2 conventional lenders



Notes on our policies:

- We don't lend behind other private lenders

- If we lend behind CHIP, Max LTV is 65% for Urban Centres

- We will not do bare land/commercial unless we can secure against another property

- We will do mobile homes only if the land is owned, no Pad rentals

- Lower Population = Lower LTV Maximum

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