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SFD (Owner Occupied)


Appraised Value: $6,350,000.00

Approved 1st Mortgage: $3,000,000.00 @ 5.75%

Approved 2nd Mortgage: $900,000.00 @ 7.95%

LTV: 50% (2nd mortgage blanketed additional properties)

Amortization: N/A

Compensation: $39,000.00 (100 BPS) split with referring broker

Lender: Blueshore/Pacifica

Income: Rental Income 

Credit: 707 & 673

Deal Notes: Very high net worth borrowers, however net personal income was far too low for conventional financing.  Short term alternative financing completed to assist with the purchase.  Two existing properties have been listed for sale, and once sold will pay down the subject loans. 

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