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We have officially launched access to our USA Mortgage Bank. If you have clients looking to buy a property in the US, we can help FUND those deals! Our Lender is licensed to provide mortgage financing in each and every state across America. Below we have outlined a quick summary of our guidelines for you to better understand what our Lender can approve and the cost of borrowing.

Guideline Cheat Sheet:

  • Residents of Canada or any Non-Resident of the US is subject to a minimum down payment of 35% 

    • 20% Down Payment options may be available for strong borrowers.

  • Standard Income verification is required just like any A or B deal you would fund in Canada.

  • Non-Resident Deals are subject to a min. 1% Lending Fee

  • Rates start at 4.50% 

  • Terms and Amortization are equal:

    • For example a 15 year term would have a 15 year amortization where a 30 year term would carry a 30 year amortization. All terms are Fully OPEN with NO Penalties to break the mortgage. Significantly different than what we are used to in Canada. 

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