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What We Do

Mortgage Brokers work hard for their leads and referrals. So it can be very frustrating to realize that the very deal you have earned cannot be banked without great expense of time and effort.

The Funding Dept. excels at these “B Deals” and is very happy to share half of the profit from these deals. So instead of either telling someone you can't help them or struggling outside of your comfort zone, sit back and let the efficient and timely people at the Funding Dept. do their thing. The result being you don’t have to say no to a potential client and getting the 50% take on the back end which you earned simply by sending them the deal’s details.

Add this simple profit stream to your team and enjoy the benefit from outsourcing these inefficient or unproductive activities from your business.

Lender Knowledge

Broaden your scope of clientele and your expertise. Leverage The FD team to grow your business’ volume and make more money.


Outsource your lender sourcing, underwriting, compliance, and funding efforts so you can maximize your time and focus on what’s important to you.


Benefit from helpful renewal reminders, TFD volume bonuses, Lender exclusive promotions & more.


Each referring broker will receive our commitment that TFD will not approach the client without the referring broker consent.


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The 2019 MB Alternative Mortgages

Award presented to The Funding Department

Hear from our Brokers

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Scott Peckford

CME Kelowna

Dustan Woodhouse

Be The Better Broker

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The easiest way to get your deal funded.  

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